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Music Seen Driveway Concert Series, Live Stream, and Live Broadcast

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We have now SOLD OUT the LIVE AUDIENCE SEATS for 2 concerts!!!

Sorry if you missed out on a spot in the driveway!

For those of you who'd like to watch or listen from home, or wherever...

We're doing both, radio & video broadcasts, LIVE & real time, for ALL of the concerts in this series. During these shows, we'll periodically announce a link to our "Digital Tip Bucket" where folks can use a credit card to leave a digital tip of ANY amount. We hope you'll pitch in.

Please share/post/email/spread the word about the links for these concerts & our efforts to get musicians PAID & PLAYING LIVE again, while we also make some charitable donations to organizations that support them. We need all the word-of-mouth that we can get.

In this crazy 'New Normal'...


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