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Supporting Local, Live Music

COVID-19 has hit our musician community especially hard. Our livelihood has vanished and, as our world re-opens, our public performances will be one of the last things to come back. Many resources have been made available to the ‘gig worker.’ I hope these concerts will be a small contribution to the other financial programs that are out there.


For musicians, money solves a very vital part of the problem, but, there’s more to it for us... and for our audience, too. Our souls are wasting away. Musicians need to get together and play with other musicians. They need that creative interaction.


As for audiences, those who frequent music venues know that it is as much about community, as it is about entertainment. For musicians, and for audiences alike, it’s all about the fellowship that coming together to share a LIVE SHOW brings. It’s a feeling that feeds your soul.


For example: One Monday night at The Met (Pawtucket RI), I was enjoying another stellar performance by the John Allmark Jazz Orchestra. I ran into friend & devout Jazz Fan, Paul. As the song ended, we applauded with enthusiasm, nodding to each other in mutual admiration. He stopped and smiled a smile of complete bliss. He was joy personified as he spoke these next words. The moment is burned into my memory forever. He knew I’d understand exactly what he meant, when he said... “This is my church.”


These are the kinds of shared experiences that the Coronavirus has deprived us of. I want to bring these moments back... one small concert at a time!


Your donations and tips will help to pay more musicians and contribute to more of the (small, but mighty) good causes working to support them through this crisis, and beyond. Thank You!


In Harmony,

Tish Adams

Executive Producer, Music Seen Concerts

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